The Packaging Problem

When it comes to packaging, Beyond the Box know that you’re more concerned than ever. In fact, two thirds of us admit we’re worried about packaging while a staggering 2.7 million Britons say packaging is their biggest concern.

This year, following criticism from the media and consumers alike, we’ve seen multiple high-street retailers and supermarkets overhauling packaging policies and make a public commitment to re-thinking their approach.

But, not all packaging is created equal.

And with so many confusing messages out there, we want to set the record straight.

Trees for corrugated cardboard

Box Fresh

Beyond the Box brings together experts from leading UK packaging companies with the ambitious aim of re-shaping Britain’s approach to packaging, in particular, corrugated cardboard.

We want to help UK consumers learn how to make more sustainable packaging choices. We also want to highlight the difference we can all make when it comes to bringing about change – on our high streets, in our supermarkets and in our homes.

Beyond the Box is brought to you by the Confederation of Paper Industries, the leading trade association representing the UK’s Paper-based Industries, comprising paper and board manufacturers, corrugated cardboard packaging producers, makers of soft tissue papers, and collectors of paper for recycling

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