Get inspired with Beyond the Box

As sustainable packaging continues to dominate the news headlines, lots of us are keen to introduce more eco-friendly habits into our day-to-day lives. Here at Beyond the Box, we think that taking a closer look at the packaging we use every day – and choosing an eco-friendly packaging option like cardboard where possible – is the perfect place to start.

The good news is that cardboard packaging is not only renewable and recyclable, but its strong, lightweight design makes it ideal for reusing all around the home. (Just be sure to recycle it afterwards!)

Take a look at our tips and tricks to get inspired…

Get reusing

Be savvy with storage

Turn used cardboard into handy storage around the home. From shoe racks to letter trays – your old cardboard boxes can be used in lots of different ways to help keep things neat and organised.

Create cardboard castles for the kids

Looking to get crafty with the kids? Why not turn your reusable packaging into a home-made castle or fort? Keep them entertained for hours and then simply recycle once they’re done playing.

Save your furniture

Cats are notorious for scratching furniture but with some help from cardboard you can create an easy-to-make cardboard scratch pad. Use an empty box filled with cardboard cuttings to keep your favourite feline happy and save your sofa from the claws.

recycle it right

Remember to flat-pack

Collapse and flatten your cardboard boxes to make the most of the space in your recycling bin. Don’t worry about a little bit of tape on the box – this won’t stop it being recycled.

Grab a slice

Worried about grease on your cardboard pizza box? Fear not. Light traces, stains marks or residues from contact with food won’t stand in the way of your cardboard box being recycled. Simply toss pizza crusts or other loose food items in your food waste bin, then flatten.

Learn the rules of recycling

Make sure you know the local recycling policy for your area. Each council does this differently so it’s worth finding out the collection days and if there are any specific rules you should stick to. You can find out more by entering your postcode on the government website.

what else can i do to help?

Contact your local council: If you’re serious about sustainability and think your local council could improve its recycling credentials, why not get in touch and let them know with an email or letter?

Recycle, whenever, wherever: We all know that recycling habits can slip when you’re not at home but it’s important to recycle at every opportunity. If your workplace doesn’t offer much in the way of recycling facilities, then contact your office manager or the person in charge to see if they can install some recycling boxes.

Speak up: If your go-to products aren’t made of recyclable packaging then why not get in touch with the manufacturers to show you’re interested in seeing more sustainable packaging? Making them aware of customer demand could help bring about positive change.

Change your buying habits: By changing your buying habits and choosing brands or products that use sustainable, biodegradable packaging, such as cardboard, you’ll be doing your bit, one purchase at a time.

Spread the word: Word of mouth can be a powerful tool so why not try and introduce good recycling habits to friends and family? Let them know about the benefits of recycling and its long-term impact on the environment. With a little inspiration, they could be adopting a more sustainable way of life in no time at all.