person holding ice cream, sustainable summer

There’s no denying that Brits are now more eco-conscious than ever before. People are changing their behaviour on a global scale in order to protect our planet for future generations. And it’s great!

But according to recent research, sadly all this good work seems to quickly go out the window as soon as the sun comes out – and this is particularly true when it comes to recycling. Worryingly, it seems that one in three of us couldn’t care less about recycling when on holiday, and for a huge 11.8m of us (18%), it becomes our absolute lowest priority.

And it’s not just summer holidays that make us bin our otherwise great recycling routines. Festivals and days out also bring out our worst eco behaviour, with 30% of us knowingly binning recyclable materials, like cardboard packaging, straight into landfill.

At Beyond the Box, we want to inspire everyone to keep up their sustainable habits all-year-round – even when the sun is shining. So, with holiday season now upon us, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips to help people clean up their act this summer. Stay refreshed with reusable bottles Particularly in summer months, we all need to stay well hydrated by drinking more water. But why not be kinder to the environment by swapping single-use plastic bottles for a re-usable bottle. Fill up at home, or if you’re out and about, lots of parks and beaches have water fountains where you can fill up too.

Get greener fingers When the sun comes out, we all like to spend more time in the garden. But make sure your garden waste doesn’t end up in the bin. Instead, use a special garden waste bin, or if you don’t have one, take any waste to your closest recycling centre. Also, why not try a bit of grass-cycling when mowing the lawn? This is where you leave your grass clippings to decompose rather than bagging them up. Dine out sustainably We all enjoy a bit of alfresco dining this time of year, but it can mean parks and beaches become a littering ground. Be a mindful diner this summer. Pack picnic goodies in reusable containers and avoid single-use plastic cups or utensils. Also bring re-usable bags or cardboard boxes to collect your rubbish. That way, you can dispose of your recyclable packaging and other waste properly.

Summer clothes clear out If you tend to do a wardrobe clear out when the sun comes out, make sure you either donate unwanted items to charity or recycle them in a special clothes recycling bin. Or, if you’re planning an online shopping spree for a new summer wardrobe this year, remember to recycle any sustainable packaging, like cardboard boxes that arrive at your door. Pack your (boxes and) bags! Many countries around the world have now embraced either a plastic bag ban or imposed a bag tax, in a bid to protect against mounting pollution. Whilst you might always carry a re-usable bag at home for your trip to the shops, don’t forget to pack them for your holidays and day trips too. Or, why not fill your car boot with a few cardboard boxes? Lightweight and durable, cardboard packaging is perfect for transporting everything from food shopping to new garden plants – just don’t forget to recycle them afterwards!