Get Ready to Recycle

Are you guilty of being a ‘rubbish recycling relocator’? After a busy year for the property market, Beyond the Box has discovered that our carefully curated recycling regimes can go out the window when we’re moving house.

So, whether you’re relocating, you still haven’t got on top of your recycling after a big move, or you’re just after some new, eco-friendly inspo, read on for our tips on how to keep recycling, wherever you are.

1. Don’t bin your habits
A whopping half of Brits (56%) admit to knowingly binning recyclable and reusable items when moving house and a quarter say they dump more than 30 items!

When packing up your home, we know that recycling may be the last thing on your mind (in fact, 37% told us as much) but continuing to sort your rubbish and recyclables separately is important to keep the cycle moving. Every fibre in cardboard packaging, like a cardboard box, can be reused up to seven times, as we want to make the most out of this versatile material. 

2. Be a savvy student
Our Beyond the Box research shows that under 24s are the most clued up on eco facts and the benefits of sustainable packaging materials like cardboard. However, it also highlights that they’re the least likely to recycle – with one in four thinking there’s no point in recycling, compared to just 7% of over 45s.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and helps to conserve the planet’s natural resources. Plus, when it comes to cardboard, recycling is an essential part of the paper loop. Currently 80% of cardboard used in the UK is recycled, which makes it the most recycled type of packaging. Let’s keep it that way!

So, whether you’re one of the many young people on the move this month – from starting university, to relocating for graduate jobs – or you know one, spread the word and let’s encourage everyone to ensure they’re recycling in their new digs.

3. Speak Up
It seems a lot of these ‘sustainability slips’ when moving house come from confusion over different guidelines. One-third of respondents (35%) say UK recycling guidelines are ‘too complicated’ and almost three-quarters of us (72%) believe all councils should implement the same recycling rules.

If the recycling credentials for your local council leaves lots to be desired, why not get in touch with them to ask for change? It’s easy to find out more about your local recycling guidelines and the best way to contact them.

In fact, it’s cheering to hear that Brits aren’t shy about demanding change – almost two thirds (64%) confirm they would consider contacting their local council to request a change to recycling guidelines.

Finally, if you’re looking for more inspiration, Beyond the Box has plenty of tips on how to be sustainability-smart.