cardboard packaging recycling

As the sun starts shining, and the days start getting longer, spring is well and truly on its way. So what better time to sort out your home and face the big declutter – including ridding the house of any cardboard boxes lying around.

Here at Beyond the Box, we have some great advice to share that will ensure you are helping the environment while doing your spring clean, with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Hoard no more

With the average Brit holding on to at least seven empty cardboard boxes, why not use your spring cleaning time to recycle any spare cardboard packaging taking up space in the home?

You may consider keeping your old cardboard boxes to be used for something in the future, but just think, how long have they been sitting there, and are they actually worth keeping for convenience?

It’s important to keep recycling our unwanted cardboard, as the paper fibres in cardboard packaging are reused between seven and nine times. This makes cardboard one of the best materials to recycle and a great sustainable packaging choice.

The power of a green clean

Why not substitute your cleaning products for more eco-friendly alternatives? Many households are now switching to non-toxic products such as multi-purpose sprays, floor cleaners, detergents and window cleaners.

Brands like Method and Ecover are concerned about cleaning with an eco-conscience. Using plant-based ingredients in their products and encouraging the re-use of plastic bottles as well as sustainable packaging, these cleaning products are perfect for adding that finishing sparkle after a thorough clear out.

For an even more cost-effective clean, try some natural products, such as vinegar and baking soda to tackle those dirty surfaces. Mixing these two ingredients creates the perfect non-toxic cleaning solution to deodorize and scrub away any germs.

Clear that clutter

A spring clean is the best time to clear out your clutter. Go drawer by drawer, room to room and clear out all the things that are taking up that much needed extra space in your home (including empty cardboard packaging you no longer need!). Whether it’s emptying your wardrobes, clearing out your kitchen drawers, or finally tackling the spare room of doom, spring has always been the best time for a sort-out!

Once you’ve decided which items no longer spark joy (and, if you’re anything like us, there’ll be lots of them hiding away), the next step is to organise your clutter into different piles – sorting your unwanted items into different groups that can be reused, recycled or donated.

Avoid the ‘throw it away’ mentality – instead, think about how you may be able to give a new lease of life to old furniture and other items around the house before you decide to get rid of them for good – anyone up for crafting an ottoman out of an old suitcase?

As for recycling, no matter how old they are, perfect items for recycling include old takeaway menus, magazines, empty jars, shoe boxes, toilet paper rolls and unneeded cardboard boxes.

And remember that while items such as broken electronics, small kitchen appliances and anything that uses batteries can’t be recycled through kerbside collections, they can be taken to local recycling centres to be processed.

Now you have all the tips you need for a greener spring clean. Looking for more inspiration on what to do with those empty cardboard boxes this spring? Beyond the Box has plenty of tips on how to put them to good use.