Turn Your Black Friday Green

With Christmas just around the corner, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can mean getting ahead with your gift buying while snapping up a bargain or two.

Whether you’re planning to buy all your presents over the weekend or just picking up a treat or two for yourself, here at Beyond the Box, we’ve collated some easy tips on how to make sure your Black Friday shopping is greener than ever.

1.  Recycle, recycle, recycle

Don’t let clutter build up in the home – recycle all your packaging from online deliveries straight away. This year, Brits are expecting to receive an extra four deliveries per week around this shopping event – with an extra seven cardboard boxes arriving weekly!

As well as freeing up valuable space in your house, recycling your cardboard boxes keeps the cycle moving. Every fibre in cardboard packaging can be reused up to seven times and we want to make the most out of this special sustainable material. We like to call that a win-win.

2.  Make your shopping trip greener

Hitting the high street? Make your trip more eco-friendly by taking public transport, walking or cycling. If you are driving, why not plan to go with a group of friends or family to make the most out of the journey rather than all taking separate trips.

However you travel, before you set off, remember to pack your reusable tote bags to carry all your bargains home. Check out our other ideas on how to reduce single-use plastic consumption as well.

3.  Be a mindful shopper

We all know that sales can be tempting but try not to get carried away with your shopping – it’s not good for the environment or your bank balance to buy things you don’t need or want. Try making a list of things you want or need that you can keep an eye out for during the sales.

Stocking up on stocking fillers? Why not note down anything your nearest and dearest are coveting in the run up to Christmas and surprise them with the perfect gift (that you happened to buy for a snip).

Looking for more tips on how to be green this festive season? Take a look at our Christmas advice too!