A Sustainable Packaging Choice

Cardboard is a great packaging choice because it’s sustainable.

By sustainable, we mean cardboard is:

growing tree


The majority of the paper used to create this material is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (the programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This means you can rest assured your cardboard starts its life in forests which are managed responsibly. Typically, for every tree harvested, three more are planted. The paper used to create cardboard in the UK is never sourced from tropical rainforests.


More than 80% of the cardboard we use in the UK is recycled. In fact, it’s the most widely recycled type of packaging! The material can be recycled many times and you can help by putting used cardboard in your recycling bin, or taking it to your local recycling centre. While recycling is without doubt the best way to dispose of cardboard, for the minority that does end up in landfill, the good news is that it’s totally biodegradable.

holding cardboard
playing in a box


Whether you’re packing up and moving house, keeping the kids entertained with a life-size fort, or providing a comfy bed for a family pet, cardboard is easily re-used in the home. Just don’t forget to recycle it once you’re finished!